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DM 3000P Fantech

Fantech DM 3000P Electronic Air Cleaner, 1 Speed, 240 cfm, 17 MERV, 120 volt, 60 Hz, 150 watt, 1 amp, 99.97% Filter Efficiency, 0.03 micron

  • Manufacturers: Fantech
    • MPN: DM 3000P
    • MSPN: 153674
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    Type      :      Electronic
    Number of Speeds      :      1
    Air Flow      :      240 cfm
    MERV      :      17
    Filter Efficiency      :      99.97%
    Filter Rating      :      0.03 micron
    Electrical Ratings      :      120 volt, 60 Hz, 150 watt, 1 amp
    Mounting      :      Vertical
    Cord Size      :      5 ft
    Finish      :      Baked Powder Coated
    Color      :      Beige
    Dimensions      :      20 Inch Height x 16 Inch Width x 10-1/2 Inch Depth
    Includes      :      Filters

    Fantech Air Cleaner, Electronic, 1 Speeds, 240 cfm, 17 MERV, Filter Efficiency: 0.9997, 0.03 micron Filter, 120 volt, 60 Hz, 150 watt, 1 amp, Vertical Mounting, 5 ft Cord, Baked Powder Coated, Beige, 20 Inch Height x 16 Inch Width x 10-1/2 Inch Depth, Includes: Filters

    Fantech provides an added solution for better indoor air quality with the whole house HEPA filtration unit. This small, compact unit can be installed on the existing ductwork of your furnace/air handler or can be used as an independent system mounted in the attic, crawl space or closet. It is designed to clean and filter the air in an average 2200 sq-ft home once an hour. Larger homes will take slightly longer for a complete air change. Mold spores, pet dander, cooking odors, dust, dust mites and their by-products are all captured in a series of three filters. The prefilter collects the largest particles while the carbon filter absorbs odors.

    • It features an integrated pressure switch which energizes the unit any time the furnace/air handler operates
    • Designed with a backplate that allows direct connection of the unit to the air handler or furnace
    • Single phase
    • 5 Inch height x 10 Inch width duct

    Standard/Approvals: CSA Certified

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