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VMH18SU-1 Comfort-Aire®

Comfort-Aire® VMH18SU-1 Mini Split Single Zone Heat Pump, 17000 BTU/hr Cooling, 18000 BTU/hr Heating, 20.5 SEER

  • Manufacturers: Comfort-Aire
    • MPN: VMH18SU-1
    • MSPN: 735710
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    Our new ultra V series features a wide operating range with higher capacities in low temperatures. This allows the unit to operate in the cooling mode with 100% output even when the outdoor temperature is 0 deg F. In the heating mode, the unit shows little to no loss of heating capacity, even in extreme winter conditions. With this broad ambient range, the units are well suited to installations requiring year 'round conditioning, both residential and light commercial.

    • Inverter technology for energy savings
    • Built-in thermostat for precise temperature control
    • Whisper quiet indoor air handler operation
    • Ideal wherever adding ductwork for cooling and heating is too expensive or not practical
    • Multiple modes - cooling, dehumidification only and heating, sleep mode, turbo mode, 24 hr timer, auto mode
    • Auto swing - continually adjusts air flow direction for a gentle, breeze-like effect
    • Remote control - makes it easy to program and operate the unit
    • Enhanced filtration - gold fin filter delivers improved indoor air quality
    • Defrost control - longer defrost cycle effectively removes any frost accumulation on the coil as needed
    • Remote senses temperature where occupant is, automatically adjusts to maintain setpoint
    • Twin rotary compressor - designed for wide operating range and minimal vibration
    • -22 to 122 deg F cooling, -22 to 86 deg F heating
    • -30 deg F low ambient operating temperature

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