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Getting Started FAQs

What Product Information is Available?
  • Quite a bit actually!
  • We pride ourselves in enriching our products in order to give you as much information as possible to help you know if this is the right product for you.

  • On our product listing pages you will see:
    - A unique product picture
    - A full description
    - The Manufacturer's part number
    - The Marks Supply part number
    - Your Part Number (if you enter it into our system!)
    - The minimum order quantity
    - The buying quantity interval
    - Once you are logged on, you will also see your pricing and LIVE availability across the entire company as well as broken down branch by branch (when you click on the eye).
    - Linked documents including manuals, spec sheets, catalogs, and videos where available
    - A full list of product features
    - Related products


Who Can Buy on Marks Supply Website?
  • Only Credit approved Marks Supply customers can buy online at .
    You can apply to be a New Customer, or register for an account as an existing customer here .

How Do I Register?

How Do I login?
  • You can log in on a device such as a computer or laptop by following this procedure:
    1.  Open your favourite browser.  (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc.)
    2.  Type in the address bar.
    3.  Type your user ID and password into the top left fields. see a video...

How Do I get the mobile App?
  • The mobile app, which is available for iOS (Apple) and Android phones is available here .
    It is FREE!!

Do I see my specific pricing?
  • Yes you do!!!
    It will be the exact same price you will receive if you call in to your Branch and speak to our Inside Sales Staff.

Am I set Up?

  • If you are set up, you would have received an email from us detailing your user ID and password.
    If you have misplaced this email or can't remember your password, check out this FAQ.
    Alternatively, you can ask your Sales Rep, or contact your  local Branch  to find out if you are set up.

Getting Started FAQs

I forgot my password?
  • If you have forgotten your password you can reset it from the landing page.
    Below the username and password prompt, click Forgot My Password!
    If you are using the app on your phone, click on the Login option on the top right.
    Below the username and password prompt you will see a Forgot Password?

How do I change my password?
  • To change your password, log in to the site.
    From the My Accounts tab, choose Change My Password.

How do I add/delete my own employee user accounts?
  • Log in to the site.
    To create a new employee account, from the My Accounts tab choose  Add New Purchasing Agent.
    Fill out the required fields.
    To change an employee account, select  Manage Purchasing Agent  from the My Accounts tab.
    To delete an employee account, select  Disable Purchasing Agent  from the My Accounts tab.

How do I manage an employee user account?
  • Log in to the site.
    From the My Accounts tab, choose  Manage Purchasing Agent.
    Find the user you wish to modify and choose edit.
    You will then be able to change the user's role as well as what job sites they have access to.

Can I see my Outstanding Invoices?
  • Yes you can!!
    Once you are logged in, and if you have authorization, simply click My Account from the top menu and select Account Dashboard for all your outstanding invoice information. You can even download your info to an Excel Spreadsheet. see a video...

Can I change Shipping Destinations or Billing Info?
  • If you wish to change Shipping Destinations or Billing Information, please contact your  local branch .
    However, you can change the ship-to for a specific order during the checkout process.

Can I view my Order history?
  • Yes you can!
    Login to the site.
    From the My Accounts Tab, choose  Order History.  
    You can   specify the date range or a specific order number to search for.
    You can see your last 1,000 orders.

Can I view my open orders?
  • Yes you can!
    Login to the site.
    From the My Accounts Tab, choose  Open Orders.  
    You can further refine the list of orders using the search box.

Getting Started FAQs

Where do you ship to?
  • Marks Supply delivers to customers throughout Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.
    Deliveries outside of this area can be arranged but will need to meet minimum levels to achieve prepaid shipment.

Can I see live product availability?
  • Only Credit approved Marks Supply customers can buy online and as a registered customer you can see live product availability and your personal pricing. at .
    You can apply to be a New Customer, or rigister for an account as an existing customer  here .

Can I user my own part numbers?
  • Yes you can! You can add your own part numbers on specific product pages or speak with your sales rep about getting all your applicable part numbers online. register online at  or by clicking  here .

Can I do returns?
  • It is not possible to do returns via the website or app.
    Please contact your local branch for returns.

Why can't I see pricing?
  • If you can’t see your pricing you are probably not logged on. If you are logged on please contact our ecommerce support staff who will quickly assist with the problem

Can I schedule my order?
  • Our website is currently designed to fulfill your immediate product needs.
    If you need your order to ship at a different date please contact your local branch with the S# and they will be happy to help schedule that order.

Can I sort my products?
  • When searching for products you can sort in several formats.
    1. Mark’s Supply Part Number (MSPN), Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), Price, and Brand. All of those formats can be sorted in both directions (A-Z and Z-A)
    2. Alternatively, you can also sort by Relevance which brings up products relevant to your previous online purchases.
    3. You can also sort by Previously Purchased Product Only, by selecting the button under Narrow Your Result.

I can't find the products I'm looking for?
  • If you are struggling to find what you are searching for try refining your selection using the options on the left hand side or use the secondary search bar and narrow your result.
    You may also need to use more words in your search or try another name for the product you are searching for.
    What you’re looking for may not be on our website so you can either contact your local branch or use the non-stock item product page to complete your order.

Can I change my order?
  • You can not adjust or cancel orders after you have placed them online.
    If you need to adjust an order speak to your local branch or your sales rep.

Can I order non-stock products?
  • Yes you can! Find the non-stock order option on the main page, under products, or search As Entered or MSPN 681966.
    Follow the instructions on the product page and sales rep will get in contact with you to provide a quote.

Can I place a repeat order?
  • You can not place repeating orders but you can reorder from your order history and open orders.
    From the My Account menu select order history or open orders and reorder.
    You can also save carts for repeat purchases as well.

Can I create lists of frequently purchased items?
  • As you search the website you can add products to lists which you can then get to through My Lists.
    You can order directly from lists and edit them as necessary.
    Using the template provided for Cart File Upload under My Account you can upload excel sheets and save those to lists.
    You can also select the Previously Purchased Product under the Narrow Your Result search bar to only see products you have purchased before, including products you have not purchased online.

What ordering shortcuts do I have?
  • You can use open orders and order history to reorder previous orders.
    Use the Quick Order pad and input a S# to reorder that same order.
    Order directly from saved lists under My Lists.
    Your directly from Saved Carts.

What is the cut off time for place orders online?
  • Orders placed before 7:00pm EST will be shipped as soon as the product is available at our distribution centre.

Is same day delivery available?
  • Same day delivery is not currently possible, however you can place orders for pick up at your local branch and pick it up in minutes.

Getting Started FAQs

Can I pay online?
  • It is not currently possible to pay online.

How can I pay?
  • Only Credit approved Marks Supply customers can buy online at .
    You can apply to be a New Customer, or rigister for an account as an existing customer  here .